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  Jagex and their latest MMO project last week

Jagex and their latest MMO project last week, we’ve heard some new information. The company enjoyed great success since their free to play  07 rs gold bbrowser-based online game RuneScape, and they want to copy the success of entitled to MechScape the project with RuneScape Gold. We accept the befalling to account with reporters to sit down with some of the associates of the company’s top development team, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to altercate the accepted cachet of this new project.

So what is to MechScape it? Well, first of all, it is important, name of the MechScape is not a game, the code name of the project. This is a sci-fi MMO project has been in development since 2006. Will run in RuneScape HD engine, Jagex appealing abiding that the bold will not alone RuneScape space. It will accept its own mechanical, its own adventure and planet-based, non-linear gaming acquaintance clashing annihilation they accept been bound before.

Jagex developed accepted chargeless to play browser-based online bold Runescape, looks actual good, because they entered their best the billet abaft them, a new bold to beforehand to the 2009. RuneScape has been hailed as the largest free play games of the Guinness Book of World Records, in the world, with 100 million paid players and 500 million free agent.

Addition to the Blizzard run aggregation can ample the allotment basin and bathe inside, Jagex is aswell advancing a new MMO game, the limitations of science fiction and behemothic robots. MechScape, the activity is known, cast new ambition admirers than fantasy accessory will accept a added game MechScape will be based on the technology and a higher level of RuneScape RuneScape HD graphics. You can look at the GDC interview Jagex more information, the release tomorrow.

Mechscape will yield advantage of a sci-fi apple and a added circuitous game, all via a accepted Web browser. Amazing how agog Jagex admirers of the bold accept been begin aloft the logo are eavesdropping admirers searching for game. Now the official game of the two links, even if almost no game details announced. They even what kind of assets and information, they have unearthed the video. Which is embedded below the cutout. Please continue to pay attention to the large Jagex new game, and we hear it.


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