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10 minutes fast delivery RS 07 gold

  Recently, runescape has delayed the Members Loyalty Programme which made many members felt disappointed, please keep your patience for the upcoming rewards. Besides, the game also has some good new contents for you. With the sixth week of the world event comes a new set of changes and additions to the fight. Come and store some cheapest 2007 runescape gold from rsgoldore.com to prepare for the following game fighting.

  What changed and added to the Battle of Lumbridge?

  The god of order and wisdom-Saradomin’s forces have voted for the chance to spawn an additional special unit, giving them twice numbers of champions on the battlefield while the god of chaos, power, and destruction-Zamorak’s forces have voted to increase the effects of their special units by 50% making the healing effect of their champion old school rs gold more powerful.

  People of the two factions will have more rights in making decision like to vote on new reinforcements to the battlefield. They can choose between the mighty siege units, powerful creatures that bombard the battlefield to destroy the enemy; or elite units, mighty warriors with a chance to stun the enemy in an area around them. Members will be able to vote on what war beasts will guard Lumbridge. They can choose between the brave and loyal guard dogs, terrifying and deadly spiders, or they can decide to give the rats a chance and train them for war. With all of these rights for you, we think you will have an more excited adventures. Please remember buying runescape gold 2007 simultaneously.

  10 minutes fast delivery RS 07 gold

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