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2013 Bots and traffickers real money plans

We exclude average 1000 player accounts daily connection with the use of bots, and even delete more accountable to the fraudulent activity. But our work will not be completed as the use of bots will remain a source of frustration for all of us.

Improvements in our anti-bot technology launched in 2012 is a huge step forward, not only for us but also for the entire industry. They saved us technically miles ahead compared to developers bots. However, at the launch of our Botany Bay project, the message that we transmettions not clearly reflected the fact that this technology would require a phased implementation as permanent exclusion account requires absolutely foolproof systems. All our anti-bot systems have not yet been fully utilized within Botany Bay, but we are eager to implement. I am delighted to see the success BotWatch has allowed us to win in our fight against bots users and traffickers real rs gold for sale.

We know with certainty that users are fewer bots in play in 2011. But what is annoying is that these improvements have been undermined by a significant increase in the number of real money traffickers using bots. We will set up a parallel strategy in 2013 that specifically target real money traffickers and their illegal activities. We’ll tell you more about it soon.


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