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A Realm Reborn is not just a remake

  It takes a lot to admit that you made a mistake. Something runescape 2007 gold Square Enix know all too well following the original release of Final Fantasy XIV. It wasn’t very good — so bad, in fact, that Square Enix formed a new team with the sole objective of redoing the entire game from scratch. The result is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

  I’ve played it all the way from level one to end-game. And I can say that A Realm Reborn is not just a remake: it’s a redemption.

  It’s not attempting to revolutionise the MMO genre, but it refines a decade old. There’s nothing wrong with that: this is the most polished MMO I have ever played.

  FATES are A Realm Reborn’s take on public quests. They spawn randomly in the open world, requiring you to kill waves of monsters, take on a huge boss or collect a specific item. Depending on your participated, you’re awarded with either bronze, silver or gold completion bonuses. Players are also forced to scale down their level if they exceed the maximum requirements to prevent griefing. Towards the later levels (40-50), these become the primary way to level due to their lucrative experience rewards, almost too lucrative.

  It’s rare to hear of an MMO these days that isn’t trying to shake up the genre with some revolutionary feature. This isn’t one of them. Your quests are often “kill x of that and fetch y of this.” Thankfully most quests don’t turn into endless wild goose chases, so the tempo remains fast. The strength of A Realm Reborn lies within the huge amount of different ways you can choose to advance your character. It’s just full of stuff to ffxiv gil.


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