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Be able to improve some of the Runescape programming

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You’ll be able to try out the alpha version of the new interface soon after the client beta goes live. This’ll be on separate worlds and game saves, but the changes we have in store are incredibly cool and you’ll definitely want to take a look.Your feedback is really important, as we want RuneScape 3 to be the game that you want. The application window will only be open for one week, so make sure you’re at the front of the queue!

Following extensive feedback on the forums, we will be adding new weapons to Dungeoneering to allow for dual wielding and use of its associated abilities. These new pieces of equipment cover all styles and level ranges, and will allow for all the combat customisation options you’re currently using on the surface world. On top of that, there are new ranged and mage shields to really round out the options for those combat styles.

Additionally, we’re adding a brand new reward to buy with your Dungeoneering tokens that can collect charms for you in the main game. It comes in the form of a friendly imp who sits in your backback, hoovering all your charms up so you don’t have to sift through drop piles to find them. Handy!

We’re addressing some major pieces of feedback on the new combat system this month, following some great discussions in-game and on the forums.

Firstly, we’re making your hard-earned stats mean far more in combat, meaning players with the best stats will have significant advantages over players that don’t and the monsters you are fighting will suffer the full force of your combat skills. We’re also changing armour stats to bring back the choice between defensive and offensive armour. Armour will be classed as offensive, defensive or hybrid gear, with stats to match, and has been optimised for its traditional purpose: Bandos will be offensively oriented, for example – all about increasing your max hit.

With those updates we’ll also be able to improve some of the game programming that controls basic hit chances, making the whole combat experience far more enjoyable.Perhaps most importantly, though, we are changing potions and prayers to be even more effective in combat – all because of your feedback.


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