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Bots for the free MMORPG RuneScape defeated

That prove to be quite bots nuisance in many MMORPGs, is now no longer a secret. But that fighting these bots can be exhausting buy runescape 2007 gold to hopeless sometimes, now proclaims game developer Jagex on the official website of the now free MMORPG RuneScape .

In an open letter to the gaming community development studio chats about the efforts that have been made to eliminate those pesky bots from the virtual world. The result may not be less frightening, because the bots have just won sooner or later the fight. However, Jagex does not give up and calls on all players to take part in the fight against bots. So it seems to be even a glimmer of hope.

Jagex Games Studio has won the lawsuit against Mark and Eric Snellman. The two brothers had, in fact some time ago founded a company that had been baptized in the name Impulse Software, and more than two years macros and bots for the free MMORPG RuneScape had offered.

The dispute ended up in court and, of course, could now be completed in favor of Jagex. The two brothers was made with an injunction of finishing off and have to pay for the damage. Jagex is very pleased about the outcome of the dispute, also were with the Anti-bot campaign, which was launched in 2011, nearly 98 percent of the pesky bots been removed.


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