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Brazilian World Cup will set drink time for fifa player

The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil, and the temperature of the tropical climate of Brazil during the game and the humidity is very high, even can reach more than 35 degrees RS Gold  Celsius and humidity more than 80%, which may cause harm to the player’s body. Especially for a lot of have never played in Brazil players of other continents, high temperature and high humidity has become they will face a big problem. And FIFA also trying to address the problem, they have decided all are arranged in the Brazilian World Cup held in the middle of the game set additional water time.

This news has won the FIFA DeWoLaKe, director of the health committee, confirmed this Saturday he held press conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and announced, “although there is no formal protest to the high temperature and high humidity, but we care about most is the player’s health. There are 7 matches at the World Cup is arranged in the middle of the 13, this is considered a high-risk period of time, in order to protect the health of the players, we have put forward according to the weather conditions at that time, when the game in the second half of the 30th minute pause 3 or 4 minutes, it has won the FIFA secretary general Mr G approval.”

Actually had a lot of people asked the Brazilian World Cup set pause time, let the players can drink water added loss of moisture, and the Italian national team coach cesare prandelli also support the proposal. Finally we got the attention of the FIFA, although not all games are drinking water will set the time, but 13 at noon when playing game will do the same. DeWoLaKe also said, when the time comes the FIFA will give the players ready to items such as water and towel.

In seven games will take place in the Brazilian World Cup 13 at noon local time, on June 13, Mexico of Cameroon, to Portugal on June 16, Germany, on June 20, Italy to costa rica, Italy and Uruguay on June 24th, June 25, bosnia and herzegovina to Iran, the United States to Germany on June 26, the six group games, and the second group A to group B first 1 one 8 finals. And the fans will be in the second half of the 30th minute of the game, see the game into the water.

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