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Buy Cheap RS Gold, Welcome the New Boss Vorago in RuneScape!

In the BTS video for the Lodestones on June 21st, the name and concept for the new boss coming to RuneScape were revealed! Know as Vorago, the new boss may due out sometime in July! It’s known that the boss is hard to defeat old school runescape gold , yet it’s not impossible for you to defeat it! Buy runescape gold on rsgoldorer, fully enjoy the game, and get yourself perfectly prepared and equipped, ready to encounter the biggest monster in RuneScape Ever!

Vorago: New Boss in RuneScape!

Some scrupulous players have found that the Jagex team has revealed the name and concept for a newly developed boss in RuneScape in the latest Behind the Scenes Video! The new boss is known as Vorag, and it’s possible to come to the game for enjoy sometime in July! There is less known about this new boss, yet we currently know that there is a high chance of magic gear drops, and the loot-share mechanics will be much different and geared for the mass encounters. The follow are all what we know about Vorago:

1. Name: Vorago.

2. It will get a unique way of drops for FFA teams.

3. Like the KK, everyone can get access to the boss area, or at least see the boss.

4. Try not to use KC to fight the boss.

5. The boss and environment will bring you a never seen before things to experience in RuneScape.

6. The boss is a lot tougher than Nex.

7. The boss is very huge, and may be the biggest monster in RuneScape ever.

8. It’s rather incredibly hard to defeat, yet not impossible.

That’s all what we know about this new boss so far, but what we are sure is that the new boss will bring a totally exciting and interesting combat experience! Try to buy runescape money on rsgoldorer now to improve your game adventure, boost your character, and gear up for encountering stronger monsters in RuneScape!

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