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Can We Expect the Release of RuneScape 3 in July?

As is announced earlier that Jagex would look for a summer release for RuneScape 3, yet, summer is a really broad time period, can we get a clearer estimate on when RS3 would be released? According to the answer that JMods responded to players’ questions about RS3 in the campfire meeting, they posted that the developing team is aiming to release RS3 for July! That means we will expect RS3 next month! Store old school rs gold now for optimized RS game experience!

Is HTML5 the thing keeping RS3 from being launched?

We know RuneScape 3 brings a massive leap forward in technology for the super-popular browser-based fantasy MMO with the a new fully HTML5 engine, improved graphics, longer draw distances, new audio rs gold for sale, new design features and a world changing content update as the game moves into a new age. Yet, among all of the above, HTML5 is undoubtedly a most significant yet time-consuming and difficult update. So, players are wondering is HTML the thing that keeps RS3 from launching.

According to Mod Conor, the late launch of RS3 is not because of the new HTML5, it’s because the team is trying to make the whole game of RuneScape 3 as great as possible for players to experience at launch! Also, he announced that the team is right now putting the finishing touch on everything, so we are able to expect RS3 very soon!

Expect RuneScape 3 in July!

Been asked about the accurate estimate time for the launch of RuneScape 3, Mod Pips responded that the team is currently aiming to make the release for July, and the team would announce the release date when they are more certain!

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