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Jagex just released the new quest Bringing Home the Bacon with plenty of pigs and bacon, laughs and rewards, which sounds like a lot of fun! Pick up buy runescape 2007 gold on rsgoldore, try to get your hand on the new interesting quest and enjoy a different game experience in RuneScape!

New Quest: Bringing Home the Bacon!

Jagex have released the new quest “Bringing Home the Bacon” that Mod Mark has been wanting to do for years. Finally it comes for players to enjoy. This new quest is for members only, it features lots of pigs, beacons, and is fully voiced, and packed with characteristic humor and laughs, besides, fantastic rewards are available for grabs!

To start the quest, you need to be a RuneScape member! And to finish the quest, you need to level up 14 Summoning, 14 Construction, 14 Farming, and the estimated completion time is about 3 Hours. Save Gielinor’s pig population from gastronomic doom and enjoy some delicious rewards, including three pig familiars that scale with your level, swathes of crispy bacon, and a nameable follower pet. Pick up runescape 3 gold for sale on rsgoldore and get ready to kick off this tastiest ever quest!

Cheap RS 3 Gold on rsgoldore! Cheap, Safe, Fast!

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