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Divine promotion in the shop of Solomon

Greetings, adventurer!

Do not miss the opportunity to get half price items on the theme of the gods. Appointment as soon as possible in my shop Runescape 07 Gold  to take advantage of this promotion!

Come ladies and gentlemen, my school offers 50% discount on the following items:

The four envoy and ambassador held commemorating the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak.

The four dresses / clothes of mourning and commemoration published in the aftermath of World Awakening

Held eight gods and teleports on the theme of the four major deities of Gielinor.

Threatening armor spikes K’ril.

Take advantage of this offer before Monday, February 17 at 23:59 GMT and try now in my shop .

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Finally, do not hesitate to visit me in game, south of Grand Market!


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