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FFXIV is add to new server

September 16 Square Enix Alex recently restored Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn digital download version of the sales.

This means that the congestion problem has received  buy ffxiv gold  significant relief, the official began to accept the new players to join. According to the producer naoki yoshida, they have several servers for a new game to shunt of players, and improve the stability of the operation. But still has a way to the integration of the new server, so officials will continue to monitor the player’s growth, to maintain a balance between and expand business scale. There are several full server is still limit the landing time and create the role, to remind the players.

It will be login PS4, PS3 and PC platforms. 2.0 in addition to the original content significantly improve Eorzea mainland, also added Garlean Empire’s story. Officials say the new version is almost entirely remakes, equivalent to provide a new world and a story for players to explore. The PC will be to by grand acting operation.


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