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GameBlast 2014 thank you to all

Last Friday, we participated in buy rs 2007 gold GameBlast a marathon 24-hour organized by the charity SpecialEffect . Friday at 13 pm the following day at the same time, players and mods have joined forces to play RuneScape for 24 hours straight. Our live broadcast recorded nearly 90,000 views, with 6000 simultaneous at the height of the event.

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of the RuneScape community, we managed to raise £ 552.30 48 ! This incredible amount includes your donation on our JustGiving page, which yielded nearly £ 9,300, the £ 25,400 collected by the RuneScape community, including 36 billion gold coins and 3,600 vouchers available via the wishing well and the profits reported by many tunics GameBlast sold in the shop of Solomon, and £ 13,750 obtained through our operation Ace of Spades.

Again thank you to all those who participated, as in playing, donating or just follow us live, you have come to the aid of so many people!

The rsgoldall Team


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