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Guaranteed Content Poll: What’s My Name? Buy Runescape Gold

As you may be aware, we recently ran a thread in the Future Updates forum, Buy Runescape Gold. asking you to suggest names for a new creature in a members’ non-combat quest. The response was awesome and runescape buy gold , after hours of reading and name-collecting,Buy Runescape Items, Mod Tim has compiled a shortlist of his favourites to be put to a vote. All you have to do is pick the one that you feel suits the fiend best.

For those that missed out on the forum thread, here’s a description of the beast:

“Since man first grabbed a fishing rod and eagerly headed out to sea, Buy Runescape items, there have been tales of monsters from the depths: creatures of gargantuan proportions, as terrifying as they are a miracle of nature.

The bravest of fishermen would rather not worry about what lurks below, watching and waiting for its next meal. Buy Runescape Power leveling, One particular myth is so famous that the name of the creature has become synonymous with the fear of being out at sea alone. This creature has a voracious temperament, and its size makes it incredibly deadly. It’s been alive for thousands of years, digesting everything it comes across. Buy Runescape Accounts, For those unlucky fisherman who get eaten – assuming they’re not sliced to pieces by its strong, sharp teeth – all that awaits are several weeks of agonising pain as they are digested alive.

What is this creature called, you ask? It’s known simply as the…”

Click here to go to the poll system and make your vote – the poll is open to everyone, so there’s no excuse for not voting! The winning name will be announced on Friday 27th May.


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