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Heavenly Strength

Good news, the Reaper of Souls will be released on March, 25th, 2014. As one of the most popular pieces of the expansion, the Crusade  RS3 Gold buy class is obviously a big concerned point for all players, and Blizzard has invested greatly into getting just right. The work team have put so much effort and work into making the class both fun and evocative. The class filled with features from the forerunner DiabloWikiPaladin. What’s more, the Crusade comes with impressive amount of skills. The following information will give you instruction on Crusade.

Heavenly Strength

Heavenly Strength which let you use a two handed weapon in your main hand while still carrying a shield, at the cost of a ten percent penalty to your maximum movement speed. This passive also seems counter-intuitive to most Crusaders. At the Crusader’s disposal, one of the most important skills is a trusty steed, which allows you to spend just over half of the time moving around in style faster than any of the other classes can even dream of.

Regenerating Life

The main challenge for the Crusade is how to regenerate life. Well the life steal will be removed in the Reaper of Souls, so there are less options left for the Crusade to choose. However, the big design to help Crusade mitigate a great deal of damage, and heal while doing so.

Divine Fortress

Divine Fortress is the fist available passive. It adds the shield’s block chance as a multiplicative modifier to the Crusader’s armor value.


Another surprising passive is Renewal, it is synergizes greatly with Divine Fortress. Experimentation with various affixes does not seem to have an impact on the amount healed, but it has continued to go up as my gear has improved. It isn’t to block so frequently that the Crusader’s health pool simply never starts to fall until only the last few demons are left standing. While fighting lots of monsters.


The last passive is Finery, which can help the Crusader with mitigating life lost instead of finding a way to heal. The best resist score is fire at 1345 and combined with the mitigation from armor the Crusader only 3.49% of fire damage makes it through.

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