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How Crafting Experience Points Work

In this Final Fantasy XIV goldsmithing  Final Fantasy 14 Gil leveling guide, I will be revealing the fastest method for leveling goldsmithing. This guide is for the A Realm Reborn (2.0) release of FFXIV. I will discuss tips for faster leveling, locations and required items for all of the repeatable leves, and finally grinding options for players who have already spent most of their leve allowances and want to conserve them but still level up.

How Crafting Experience Points Work

Before jumping into the guide, I first wanted to discuss how the amount of experience points you receive from crafting is determined. If you did not already know, you probably have realized that the level of the item you are crafting compared to your current level is related to receiving decent experience when crafting. The optimal range is actually quite broad, especially compared to what you would expect from other MMOs. You typically get max (or close to max) experience points by crafting items that are no more than 4 levels lower than your current level. You still get decent experience points for crafting items 5 or 6 levels lower than you, but after 6 levels the drop off is precipitous.

In addition, each item has a base amount of experience points offered for completing the synthesis with 0% quality. You only get half of this base experience point number for using the “quick synthesis” option. The higher the quality score of the item you are crafting, the more experience points you get for crafting it. While completing a synthesis, getting up to just a 15% chance of a high quality item on the crafting tab can result in 100%+ experience points multiplier for the base.

Getting a higher quality takes time, whereas quick synthesis only takes a few seconds a craft. All in all, you get about the same amount of experience per hour whether you synthesize items plainly, use quick synthesis, or try to maximize quality. The difference is that if you try to maximize quality, you need a lot less total craft attempts to level up, making it much cheaper to level goldsmithing (or any other Discipline of the Hand class). While it is a bit of a pain to maximize quality score, it does provide you with the opportunity to save some money.

Goldsmithing Leveling Tips and Options


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