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I would recommend you do this before hitting 25

You must have a problem when you want to train and make money if you are level 22 Knight,that is tibia gold.Now we  rs gold  will tell you an example to you,hope this would help you.

You might be in an awkward position where you might not be strong enough to do harder things but older enemies will be too boring.Don’t bother with training, just offline train. Hopefully, you have at least 60/60 by now. Your equips are fine. All your money right now should be toward promotion, spells, new weapons once youre high enough level, and potions for now. Once you have enough money to spend on armor, go for platinum amulet, zaoan legs, zaoan helmet, and demon shield or MMS (with the market, a transition shield would be easy to get and resell – such as dragon, or you can just transform it into an obsidian knife). Armor is debatable – MPA is the best for defense for you, but might not be worth the cost increase over DSM. If youre wearing all this good stuff, be sure you are blessed. Boots can be BoH, Steel, or Zaoan until either Draken or Soft boots are available. Also, note that for level 24 and under, you can get blessed at half cost. I would recommend you do this before hitting 25.

Right now, try easier cycs, coryms, minos, and orcs. Due to physical resistance, tortoises probably arent worth the effort. You can also do ghouls, mummies, and shamblers though the latter 2 may hit too hard for now. Dworcs are okay but they can be annoying. It might be possible to do tarantulas task but profiting will mostly come from the boss. Mutated humans are also a possibility but fighting the ones that are indoors with such a low level can be dangerous. You will just have to test your limits. Also consider frost giants. If youre extremely bored, you could also do mammoths task I guess.

With a few levels, you should be able to do all these and also bump it up to all cycs, easier pirates, all coryms, all minos, lizards, apes, barbs, and indoor mutated humans.

If youre just having no luck finding a spot you find good and safe, just go back to the tried and true orcs, rots, dworcs, and tortoises, or wander around the manageable parts of Yalahar until you can actually do something more difficult.

As for quests – desert dungeon (consider doing skull of ratha while youre in the area as well as silver brooch, watch out for overspawn). Sea of light is not as well known but will give you 3K in diamonds as well as a yellow gem. You can also do light shovel too if youre in the area. Yalahar access is a must.

That is all from one player,maybe someone has different idea about that,you also can share it with us ,and we also hope this would help every one if you are knight,just have a try,you also can buy tibia gold from our website,safe and fast service are waiting for you!


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