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Increased Resistance Have An Impact On Loss Of Players

With the growing resistance to the player rebuffed situation is more frequent, every time the game began to shorten, or brush the task to make them feel tired and cause them to eventually quit the game runescape money . Online games are always a certain number of players exit, social games wastage quite amazing, because of its very steep resistance curve, causing the majority of players will soon leave the game.

I entered the field of social game design, it is already owned freemium game design experience, and is also an advocate parametric design process. I try to understand the social game “best way”, found that people without any explanation, the mere argument to decision making. I also saw that they adjusted the parameters to increase short-term gains, completely ignoring these changes on the overall rate of loss of players.

I’m in the process of making social games need to increase the resistance encountered some adjustments. These adjustments may make a small part of paying players more money, but it can also increase the loss rate of the remaining group of players. I added some elements of the collapse of gaming experience, allowing the player out of the game “doing nothing” state – let them go out and play the game.

I’m in a dilemma on these decisions, I observed this industry and play the other social games, a player is found difficult to really like the game to keep sticky. My friends and even in some games just do not dig the money . so many players like whales. I see these games will be thrown us out, I see the core of any online game – player community, increase in resistance curve when it started to go wrong.


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