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It is a demon sprung

The Winged and the Beast is the new turning point in the battle between the gods. Again, the players decide on the further course of the sixth age. 07 rs gold  In this fantastic event, which extends over six weeks, can you optional player battles to fight out and have otherwise ample opportunity to interact with other players. Two gods vie for control of key locations in Misthalin and Asgarnia and try the power of mysticism for their own purposes to abuse -., and all this against the background of constant interference of the wicked and the occasionally emerging but extremely powerful Golem Armadyl is the self-proclaimed God of justice and advocates of a peaceful coexistence of gods and men. Bandos turn, is the large, high god of war, the physical strength and personal power sees as a path to power and glory. Both gods are now looking for adventurers who assist them in the construction of powerful weapons of war to the side. However, their production requires huge amounts of divine energy – and have dried up in the crater of Lumbridge since the highly concentrated divine tears that gods need the help the mystics capable to track the precious, divine energy.

Carrier and mystic pull in convoys through the country and are thereby protected by bodyguards. They get support from hastily erected buildings that are built to strategically important points. The supporters are rushing to their vehicles with the help of mysticism to fill with energy to impede the opponent’s convoys or completely destroy and claim land for their page, by building on key points in small bases – and it may at any time and throughout the country come to bloody clashes. Those who join either Armadyl or Bandos, not just armor sets with the possibility to shorten the cooldown abilities are obtained, but also completely new combat skills to fight against NPCs and other players. In addition, all players can gain experience in architecture, mysticism and martial skills, while players who participate in player struggles to also still earn Prayer XP. Selects your page wisely and with the knowledge that this battle of one of the two great gods pantheon of the Sixth Age will end most likely fatal.

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