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It seems the Moogles can talk to Spriggans

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Square Enix is having a crossover between their three main MMORPGs that brings slimes into Final Fantasy Gold ’s world Vana’diel and Moogles into Dragon Quest X. A sage from Dragon Quest X will take a Great Ark visit Final Fantasy XI looking for a lost slime. This will have a Monstrosity event (a feature that lets players control monsters) where you can play as a Blue Slime. You can also get special Slime gear. Also, Spriggan, a monster from the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will suddenly show up in Vana’diel. It seems the Moogles can talk to Spriggans. Just like the Blue Slime, players will be able to control the Final Fantasy XIV monster using a Monstrosity. Players can get Spriggan equipment too.

Meanwhile in Final Fantasy XIV, Shantotto, a powerful Tarutaru black mage from Final Fantasy XI who has her own expansion pack, shows up in Eorzea. Players can fight Shantotto in a FATE (Full Active Time Event) and if you defeat her she can join you as a minion. Minions are basically Final Fantasy XIV’s pets, so it’s kind of weird having an all powerful mage reduced to that. Another FATE has players fight Golems from Dragon Quest X and if you win you get a tiny Golem minion. Because Shantotto is all powerful she also shows up in Dragon Quest X. If you help her find materials for black magic you can get a Chocobo hat.


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