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Magic in Gielinor’s History for RuneScape

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The gods of Gielinor are among the most powerful users of magic. Guthix is said to have shaped the world from an empty plane left behind by the Elder Gods with the magic from the Stone of Jas. Runestones, the basics of magic, are created by harnessing the energy in the stone. Guthix gave Humans, who he brought from other realms through the World Gate, these runes, and the land was dubbed RuneScape due to its abundance of runes. Guthix fell into a deep sleep, ending the First Age.

Jack (Meeting History) was said to have created the first magic spell, Fire Strike by combining an air and fire rune in attempt to light a fire. Jack became a powerful mage eventually, and taught many Humans the ability to fight with magic.

Concluding the God Wars, the Fourth Age or “Age of Mortals” began. There was a limited number of Runes in existence, so magic was not widely practiced. High level mages such as Ahrim the Blighted may have had another source for his magical powers, or had a secret supply of these runes.

At the end of the Fourth Age, rune essence was discovered by Fremennik barbarians. These stones were imbued with different elemental energies, and the basics of Runecrafting were discovered. However, this led to a schism in the tribe. One half believed that magic was useful, and part of human progression. However, the other half argued that use of the magic was defying the gods, as it was the gods’ power. The first group separated, and became known as the Moon Clan.

During this time, the seers of the would-be Moon Clan had searched the land to find concentrations of magical energy. They created altars to these energies, and were able to bind them into the stones. The art of Runecrafting was spread all over Gielinor, and it led to human domination over the other races of the land.

From the years 42 to 70 of the 5th and current age, Fremennik tribesmen who feared magic crusaded against those who used it. The altars used to create the runes were destroyed, and the tribe was able to fight until the outskirts of Varrock, where they settled into the Gunnarsgrunn.

In year 70 of this age, Zamorakian wizards who wished to learn the art were denied entry to the Wizards’ Tower, the centre of all magical learning. In rage, they destroyed the current tower by means of a fire, and destroyed the work that the wizards had been working on. The art of Runecrafting was lost until year 169, when an adventurer helped uncover the mysteries of Runecrafting, bringing a large amount of runes into existence once more. With these large amounts of runes, Magic became widely practised Runescape 07 Gold once more, and powerful spells such as Fire Surge have been developed through intense study of this skill.


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