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Need runescape changes for zam sake

At the beginning it seemed like it could be any man’s game as even Mod Mark stated he knew people rs 07 gold  were going to change sides just to unlock all rewards but with the recent changes in prices it seems that Zamorak has just plain lost this battle and it’s only week one… Each day the difference between the two gods is slowing rising and doesn’t seem like there is going to be any change at all. Please can you change the emote prices back etc because I see alot of people sticking to their chosen god now and staying with it and in this case it seems 70% Sara.

I wish I could pretend like we don’t know what the end result will be but with things the way they are atm it’s pretty evident that Sara has this in the bag and now I’m even considering changing sides just for the fact that I need to be a winner (lol).

This is coming from someone that has no intention of claiming both sides rewards and would just rather a fair battle.

I’m really wondering why anyone thinks people will be switching sides to get rewards. Sure, there may have been some people who were planning on it. But the rewards prices have been increased, making it much harder to get them all. PLUS all your renown is taken away when you switch.runescape 3 gold,making it harder still. And on top of that, your token is reset making it take longer to gather tears.

In fact, Jagex increasing the  buy rs 07 gold rewards price seems to be pretty much geared to stopping people from switching for rewards.


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