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One of the best ways to start in old school RuneScape is thieving

One of the best ways to start in old school rs 2007 gold  is thieving. Getting through the low levels produces the funds to buy tools with which to train other skills more efficiently. This RuneScape guide will detail getting thieving up in old school RuneScape most efficiently.

Start out by pickpocketing from men. They spawn in many locations. Some food will be needed; this can be fish from training or player drops, cooked meat or chicken, or even potatoes or cabbages.

Pickpocket the man until you reach level five, then head to either Varrock or Ardougne.

The tea stall is found in east varrock, just southeast of the varrock bank. Steal from this multiple times and bank the tea. You will need it later.

Alternatively, go to Ardougne and steal from bakers stalls. Bank the cakes, breads, and slices, or just the cakes; they will be needed later. Eat slices or breads to heal damage sustained from guards.

At level 10, farmers can be pickpocketed from. They are a left click NPC if under level 7 combat. Bring good food to heal with or find a farmer in a potato or cabbage field and use his produce to heal with.

At level 15, pickpocketing from H.A.M. warriors is unlocked. Although a source of steel tools and money, this is a poor way to train at early levels due to being removed from the hideout frequently.

At level 20, the silk stall unlocks. Steal from this and either drop, bank, or sell to other players. Silk merchants will buy back the silk for 60 each if you ask 120, but only a half hour after you steal from their stall.

At level 25, head to Al Kharid with an inventory of tea or cakes and camp the warriors, stealing from them until level 38 or level 40. Master farmers unlock at 38 and guards at 40. By this point, you  RS Gold will have accumulated a lot of coins and hopefully gotten most of your food needed from thieving.


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