Please keep on providing us with your feedback constructively

Greg Street, Blizzard systems designer, has spoken through a post on the website of the company itself destined to World of Warcraft on a series of small changes  buy runescape 2007 gold and adjustments of some classes of known MMO that swing.

Following this link you can see in detail all the features that are changed in the post kilometric Street, but we for our part we will highlight a few sentences from it that particularly caught our attention and that justify the changes.

“I know it seems sometimes that the developers are there to punish players, but we want everyone to have fun,” said Street. “This includes the redesign of mechanical polishing strange and weak spells, but it also means reducing mechanical with too much power for other classes do not feel they can not compete”

“I will not pretend that these changes get everything perfect now, but certainly we are closer. Please keep on providing us with your feedback constructively. Continue taking time to respond to your comments, even after this patch is released” said.

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