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Runescape appears for tablets and consoles

Jagex has not only the third version of the free-to-play MMORPG old school runescape gold the making, in the fourth quarter of 2013, the game will also be available on tablets. In addition, the developers went on a possible console version of Runescape.

Jagex, the developer of free-to-play game Runescape has confirmed the third version of Runescape for the summer of 2013 some time ago. But the team has extensive plans to camp because, as CEO Mark Gerhard has betrayed you also working on a tablet reaction of MMORPGs. This should be ready sometime in the fourth quarter of 2013 for download. Exact details of the projects, however, were not explained in detail.

Mark Gerhard is also looking forward to the business with smart TVs, because when it comes to him, it is not too far from here, to deliver appropriate content. Runescape So we may soon be playing on the big screen TV? Even consoles are not excluded, but before the manufacturer would have to cease to fragment the community. Via rsgoldore Team


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