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Runescape Story: Will You Add Me?

So many people like runescape. At this very moment, there are 96,303 gamers playing runescape and enjoy the game. Are you one of them? Do you often make friends in the game? What are your standards for selecting an rs friend? Recently, I saw a runescape story on yahoo answer and I also wonder will you add him? Let’s see the story first. Buy runescape gold,cheap rs gold online at rsgoldore.com

He love playing runescape very much but he also like having some friends to play the game with him. In order to avoid game addition, he doesn’t play rs all the time but he really wants to make some rs friends to challenge high quest together. He said he was a fun person with a combat of 155 after the EOC. He likes to fight King Black Dragon Boss and Giant Mole Boss for he can fight with no problem and the King Black Dragon Boss is the only bosses he knows how to get to. The first runescape account he registered was in 2007 and now the 07 version has come back.

The above is the main information of the runescape player. So, how do you like it? Will you add him? Yeah, there are many rs players like him wanting to make some good friends in the game to share game experience. rsgoldore website also wants to make friends with all rs players. If you like it, you can get free game guides and game news here. Every day the workers of rsgoldore will read a lot of latest news about runescape. With several years experience, rsgoldore is professional in runescape accounts for sale business. In consideration of some players don’t want to play the game, rsgoldore also provide sell runescape accounts service. You can make some money here and rsgoldore.com is always your good friends.

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