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So, what will they initially be doing?

Hey everyone,

We kicked off this year with the mission to make 2013 the year of the player, where you have a direct impact on the future of the game 07 rs gold. Whether it be through polls and votes, content updates like the current world events, or interacting directly with the community through social media and events, we remain 100% committed to this and continue to make great progress on this pledge. We’re continually working on ways to get closer to the community, especially with regards to ongoing development of the current game RuneScape 3 as well as the Old School service.Runescape 3 Gold

Through video, live streaming and social media we continue to enhance our community-centric ethos. We’ve looking into members of the community who have a positive impact on the game or community growth, whether it be through social media, clans, fan sites, video or live streaming.

So with that we are proud to announce and welcome the latest three members of the Jagex family: Regicidal, So Wreck3d, & Silentc0re all represent the diverse, committed, passionate and dynamic nature of RuneScape. I believe their addition to the team will continue to reinforce the even stronger connections between Jagex and the RuneScape community.

So, what will they initially be doing?

Our YouTube channel management.

Our Twitch channel management.

Community video-based competitions for RS (Golden Gnomes) and OSRS.

Supporting the video-making community to promote more of your videos.

RuneScape 3 live-streaming and growing the existing RuneScape video-making community.

Old School Live Streaming and supporting the existing OSRS video making community.

And this is just getting started! We are all looking forward to doing significantly more video and social media activities going forward.Old School Rs Gold

In case you haven’t heard of any of these guys feel free to read their respective bios below


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