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Take rsgoldore gold with u on the way gaming

rsgoldore wins Best browser game of 2013

As every year at this time, the British Academy of Film and Television offers the BAFTA awards he considers the best projects in the world of video 07 rs gold  games. Among the many games that they left with a prize in his hands, the biggest beneficiary was’ Dishonored ‘, which was billed as the game of the year 2012.

This is the list of candidates for each of the prizes awarded in last night, highlighting in bold the winners first. Keep in mind that although mentioned as the best of 2013, the period also includes all 2012 to present:

Best browser game of 2013

– SongPop

– The Settlers Online

– Merlin: The Game

– rsgoldore

– Amateur Surgeon Hospital

– Dick and Dom’s HOOPLA!

You see, not only Bethesda game has taken a chunk of this event. ‘Journey’, ‘Far Cry 3’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ prices has also been important in these BAFTA 2013, especially the first, which has been the largest price has been. Unfortunately, ‘Deadlight’ Tequila Works of Spanish could not win the award for ‘Best debut game of 2013’. Take rsgoldore gold with u on the way gaming.


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