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Thanks to the dungeon instances of war gods

Have you already prepared for a stroll in the health Wars Dungeon gods to ultimately have to fight for your booty in the middle of other adventurers thirsting for riches? Well thanks to the dungeon instances of war gods , it now belongs to the past!

Once you’ve killed the number of enemies needed to fight the boss of your choice, your mini-map will guide you to a safe area indicated by an orange arrow. When you are in this area, you will see the door to the boss runescape buy gold . By clicking on the door, several options will be displayed: you can choose to enter the room of ordinary boss, create a new instance in normal or hard mode, joining an existing instance or return an existing instance you have left.

To create your own instance, you will pay a certain amount of gold coins per hour (see list here ). This amount will vary depending on the selected boss. Players entering the body can increase the duration of the keep paying again. You can choose the maximum number of players in your instance (1 to 100) and the minimum level of fighting required. You can also set a code that will allow you to restrict access to the dungeon for players of your choice. Please note that it is not yet possible to fight Nex in an instance.

The hard mode is for players looking for a challenge. All bosses of the war of the gods, with the exception of Nex, can be fought hard mode in an instance. They use tactics and abilities that you have discovered in the quest Awakening in the world , but they will have much higher stats. In hard mode, you will get improved containing more common objects and you will also get a chance to loot a new soul stone . These rocks record the number of bosses you kill in the form of charges. Each load can then be deduced from the number of creatures to kill to re-enter a room boss, saving you valuable time.

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