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The rebirth of the six brothers

Sliske strengthened the Brothers of the mounds, and that makes this encounter in battle against brutal leaders. In The rebirth of the six brothers, you must form a team of four to face the six runescape buy gold  brethren at once, each with a power never seen before, and earn a few rewards incredibly good. The haul includes 90 level shields for each type of combat; materials to forge armor combat level 90, and six loggerhead creepily adorable pets.

The power of the shadows

Just north of the Barrow, there is a hole through which you access the Dungeon of Shadows: the stage where the conflict occurs. To enter the pot, you need a totem Mounds : an object that is obtained as a reward for playing the original minigame barrows, or comerciándolo. This allows you to create or join a session, and guarantees access to it for the duration, that is, until victory is achieved, or until all group members die or abandon the fight.

Make your way through your bowels and into a room where the portal to the Realm of Shadows. At this point, make sure with your team to get everything ready : need at least a combat level of 180 to have a chance, the best equipment available, and all the strength and fighting ability than they can muster. When ready, click on the portal, sliske accept the challenge andfight for survival !


The payoffs for victory are some of the most spectacular I have seen so far. First, get the evil armor : armor combat level 90, comparable in power to the incredible tectonic and marine armor. No best equipment in the game to cause damage at close range, and the protection it offers is only surpassed by the superior tetsu armor. Created by smiths of level 91 +, using two materials: stable malevolent energy, a resource that gets to escape alive from the dungeon in the shadows, and a backing plate you can buy from Saro in Keldagrim.

It breaks down the same way that other power armor level 90, so it can not be repaired, and when used completely disintegrates, but that is secondary when you consider that is priceless look so tremendously well.

Armor malevolent

Another part of the magnificent bounty includes three powerful shields Level 90 : one for each type of combat. Degrade in the same way that all, so that they become useless when completely exhausted. Be repaired at the shop of Bob Axes in Lumbridge, or armor support for the player’s home. They look awesome and should be on the wish list of every character style high level tank.

Shields Level 90

Finally, you can get six new pet companions, small and cute versions of the six brothers. To get one, you have to use evil power 500 on a set of barrows armor you can get at the Great Market. ( Please note that not work with the set of Akrisae ). If all these little creatures gather, interact between them, so do not forget to take your stubborn when you’re with your friends.


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