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Treasure Hunters, Triskelion Treasures Come in RuneScape for Grabs!

We all love treasures! Then this is the most exciting adventure for you, try to assemble the crystal triskelion key, chase all over the lands in the RuneScape world and get your hand on Triskelion Treasures! To get started, buy 2007 rs gold onrsgoldore, the lowest price and 10 minutes fast delivery is offered!

Triskelion Treasures (members only)

There is the new experience for you to hunt treasures in RuneScape! Find three pieces of the triskelion over the RuneScape world in high-level (mostly 80+) members’ activities, when you find all the three pieces, resemble them into the crystal triskelion key, then you can use triskelion’s ‘locate’ function to get the Triskelion Treasures RS2 Money !

To finish any of the following activities, you can yield a piece:

1. Killing most monsters which require level 80+ Slayer.

2. Getting drops from the rare drop table.

3. Smithing mithril to rune ceremonial swords in the Artisans’ Workshop, with a score of at least 80%.

4. Harvesting a wishing well fruit.

5. Pickpocketing elves and dwarf traders.

6. Chopping elder evil trees.

7. Hunting kingly implings.

As the pieces of the triskelion are not tradeable, so if you want to gain them, you have to find them by yourself! Also, there is the chance to pick up pieces of the new dragonstone armour which is prestigious of level 50 hybrid armour, not only look grand but also universally useful! Feel exciting to start your journey of finding treasures in RuneScape? Get runescape 2007 gold onrsgoldore and have a happy treasure hunting now!

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