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Want to Know More about RuneScape 3? Submit Your Questions to Jagex Now!

RuneScape 3 is just around the corner this summer! How do you expect it? Do you want to explore more about buy rs3 gold ? Jagex now allow players to submit questions about RuneScape 3! Take the chance to get your burning questions answered by dev team and get your curiosity fulfilled! Also, try to buy cheap runescape gold on rsgoldall and start storing enough gold for the coming new game!

Get Your Burning RS3 Questions Answered by Dev Team!

To get more details about the hottest, upcoming RuneScape 3, Jagex allow players to submit questions about RS3! Submit whatever you questions about the RS3 to the thread of ‘RuneScape 3 Q&A’ in Jagex official forum by 9am BST on Monday, June 10. Your questions will be answered by Mod Mark (Design Director of RuneScape), Mod Pips (Exec Producer for RuneScape) and Mod Conor (Senior Project Manager and BTS RuneScape 3 tech guru).

The dev team will as many of all your questions as possible into the video and bring them directly to three JMods! The final video will be published on the official site on Wednesday, June 12! As for the content of your questions, please make sure to ask one question at a time and stay on topic!

If you want a better knowledge of RS3, simply take the chance to ask your questions, also make sure to check out the final video on June 12! In order to welcome the exciting RS3, and expect to have a fresh-new, improved game experience, start to store cheap rs gold for sale now before it becomes more expensive!

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