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What If You Play RuneScape 3 HTML5, Yet Get Laggs?

A lot of players are asking about how to play HTML 5 without Laggs online, and we get the response by JMods here from the RuneScape 3 Q&A Campfire meeting! Read our following news for solutions, and buy oldschool runescape gold to improve your game experience with HTML 5 in RuneScape 3 beta!

How to play HTML5 without Lagg?

According to the JMods, the performance of the HTML5 client is dependent on your own setup, the recent i5 and a later 200 series or 400 series nvidia is a good place to start, yet the key point is to try different settings and find out what has the biggest impact on your one setup! Also, the developing team is currently working on performance to optimize the client for setups that most of the player base have!

Java Client is still available for use!

Jagex is try to make HTML5 client available to as many players as possible, and they hope everyone would access to the most advanced features. Yet at the meantime, they want the game be widely playable, and they would not deprecate the Java client. So if you have trouble with HTML5, you can still use Java client.

Which browser would RS3 HTML5 run best on?

Currently the HTML5 runs in Chrome, the Jagex developing team is making effort to make it work in Firefox in the near future!

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