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What is the flow of the spider

what is the flow of the spider. It is generally believed that so-called spider flow is the crypt fiend (commonly known as a spider) as the main fighting old school runescape gold  force to an undead tactics. According to the hero’s choice, they can be divided into the flows DK spiders, cockroaches, spiders, LICH spider, neutral hero flows, etc.; And later supplementary units, they can be divided into spiders, destroying spider, the banshee flows in spiders, skeletons spider flows even cast magnificent ice dragon spider flow, etc. The next one will be the characteristics of the spider flow. Firstly, let us look at the spider’s ability: training expenses of 40-215 wow gold, 40 pcs timber, three people; attack types – piercing; attack way – the remote to the ground to ground attack; the ground attack – an average of 28.5 (39); attack range interval – 2 seconds; firing range – 550;recovering life – during the day, a wasteland. According to above information, players have to store enough number of world of warcraft gold(wow gold) to turn over the training fees. Spider stream has the following advantages: 1, remote targeted attacks,which Means that when you can attack the other units, but he could not hit you.

In the early stages of the game, which means that before the upgrade is complete, the spider has the farthest range of all the primary units range (550). NE archers range before the upgrade was 500, muskets was 400, headhunters for 450. Spider’s balance spring type of attack is extremely good for hitting and running, and even if you turn away, spider silk that you have been out would follow the other over a long distance. If so, when you travel and kill the red blood enemy, you need not be rushed into battle so as to avoid the unnecessary casualties.2, automatic air entrapment is a very Practical skill. With no mana cost and automatically cast, this skill is now still many racial nightmare. Some air force can still attack after being dragged and dropped to the ground, but some can not. If you want to increase your level of spider flow, you have to buy enough wow gold.


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