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which are brought by these problems

PvP will have some changes in near future and we would like to let players understand detail how we will make these changes and their background stories. Early advantage The current commons are: the players who can gain equipments rapidly from the beginning of season  runescape 2007 gold for sale and stay on the top lists of high ladder on matching level. In most of circumstance, there are seldom players to participate in the rest season, but still get reward at the end of season. It is obviously not a fair competition. We hope high ladder list could full of competition all the time. The top list players also need to sustain their ranks try their best.

Started in the middle period The biggest problem for those started in middle period players is equipment. Comparing with beginning players, their equipments are in leeward. We hope players still have enough reasons to join the game even PVP is in the middle stage, but meanwhile we will give rewards to those players who participate the whole season. Equipment advantages With time going, the difference between glory and conquer PvP equipment is bigger and bigger. The partial reason is we need to make a balance between PvP and PvE equipment, in case players will give up one side to join another side. At present, PVP have four levels and PVE has 2. In order not let the best choice to enter PvE, they need to have lower property level than the equivalent property in random groups. We intend to bring in a new PVP equipment level to solve the problem and let players gain PVP weapons easier.

Further exploration If we want to solve the challenges which are brought by these problems, we must adjust to match level, PVP equipment and gain, buy equipment’s methods. In order to let PVP is more plebification and reduces punishment, gain equipment more frequently and flexible, let players have space to engage, we make some big changes: All pvp equipments’ 2200 match level needs to be removed. Equipment will have 4 levels: terrorist gladiator equipment will be created. Vicious gladiator equipment and weapons will be bought by glory points. Brand new pvp equipment level: brutal gladiator equipment could be bought by conquer points. Afterwards, the requirements of gaining the top elite equipment is: getting 27000 conquer point in the season. Although high match level players will get equipment fast, the former 2200 match level’s invisible barrier doesn’t exist.


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