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Why Choose rsgoldore?

Many free rs players like to kill the giant spider in savage’s village  buy runescape 2007 gold which has even been the best training places for free players before EOC. While, now it is not a place like that any more. Please see the following information:

Name: Giant Spider

CB Level: 57 (50 before the EOC)

Blood: 1425

Difficulty to kill: Medium

The CB level to kill it: up than 60

Experience: 85 (I have to say it is too little)

So, what monsters can us to defeat? You can buy cheap runescape accounts on rsgoldore.com.

The first monster rsgoldore.com recommend is Hill Giant.

Name: Hill Giant

Recommend reasons: The first reason I recommend the Hill Giant is for the blood is less and the defence is low. As we know, although the blood of the high level defence monster is much, it is difficult for you to do much harm on it. The second reason is that you can get much experience by defeating Hill Giant. If you use the arrow or magic, you can hide behind the pillars to attack the monster. The drops of the Hill Giant are 100% big bones which are very useful to train the prayer for free runescape players.

Distribution Location: hole of the Varrock, wildness and lava maze.

CB Level: 64(28 before the EOC)

Blood: 3200

Difficulty to kill: Medium

The CB level to kill it: up than 60

Experience: 151.5

Attack way: Melee

Preparation: The preparation is based on your character. If you go to the hole of the varrock, bring the bronze key and some food.

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Why Choose rsgoldore?


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