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WoW about future plans content and events

WoW Patch 5.4 is on the starting blocks. Lead game designer Tom Chilton said in an interview about future plans, new content, character models and more RS3 Gold buy . Following the news, there’s also the new trailer for WoW 5.4.

In an interview to WoW 5.4 lead game designer Tom Chilton talked about various details of the upcoming updates and information about future plans and events. So he told about that Blizzard is still working on new character models, but currently he can not divulge any further information about this. There will also be new content and events until the next expansion. Not yet determined how many big updates will be there or how high the number is.

Regarding the low storage space Chilton explained that the problem with Blizzard one is aware of a solution, however, does not appear with WoW 5.4. Patch trailers are even implemented in the future directly into play eventually, but there are other things that are important now. Currently, the teaser videos only serve to tune the players on the upcoming update. The full interview and statements on raids and connected servers and wow patch 5.4 can be found on mmo-champion. A preview of the timeless island of WoW Patch 5.4 can be found on the homepage of WoW.


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