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WOW Guide: Output Skills of the Elemental Shaman

In the last two days, we have talked about how to choose the talents for the Elemental Shaman and the main output skills. Today, we will go on with our topic and discuss how to use these skills and their priorities.

Firstly, we have known the how big influences the Flame Shock can make to the Lava Burst, which means that Lava Burst is our main output skill. To keep the buff of the Flame Shock is the basic thing that the Elemental Shaman should do runescape gold . It is not hard of course. The time that the Flame Shock’ buff can last is much longer than its CD. The Flame Shock glyph also decreased the difficulty of this operation.

There is a divergence about the output here. It is whether to choose the Unleashed Fury or the Elemental Blast. If you choose the Unleashed Fury, when you are facing a single enemy, the damages caused by the Chain Lightning will be decreased, the benefits you can get from releasing the buff of the Unleashed Fury will also be decreased. Without regarding to the equipments you have (as some players have more wow gold to get what they want in the game, the situation would be different as a result), Unleashed Fury has its advantage when facing multiple targets. In the other times, the damages brought by the Elemental Blast would be much higher than that brought by the Unleashed Fury.

Under the condition of keeping the buff of the Flame Shock, and releasing the Lava Burst whenever it is available, the next skill you should take into your consideration must be the Earth Shock after you have stacked your Lightning Shield to 6-7 times. Besides that, if you have chosen the Elemental Blast, then just release the Elemental Blast(even through this skill can provide excellent buff, its priority is still lower than the skills mentioned above, as those skills have formed a circle). In the rest of the time, you should use the Searing Totem and the Lightning Bolt as your filling spell.

You should pay attention to the battle when lots of move is needed. You can use the Unleashed Lightning glyph to simply your output circle. Usethe Lightning Bolt as your main circle skill, and use the Elemental Focus to instant activate the Lava Burst. In breaking stage, use the Spiritwalker’s Grace to maximize your DPS.

At last, you should pay special attention to two skills, the Earth Shock and the Flame Shock. Even through it is easy to keep the buff of the Flame Shock. The Eearth Shock shares the CD with it, which means that you have to make a choice when the lasting time of the Flame Shock’s dot effect is more than 5 seconds and less than 8 seconds. The standard of your choice is depends on how many times have you stacked your Lightning Shield. If it is bigger than 3 times, I suggest you use the Earth Shock to consume the Lightning Shield. Or you can only use the Earth Shock after you have add up the Flame Shock’s buff, and the Lightning Shield has stack up to 7 times. It would be a waste of the DPS.

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