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You can fish to make money

You can fish to make money. But it is a little hard for you to get your level up to the right one. You can start by fishing shrimp rs gold  and anchovies until you have level 35 fishing. When you do that, you can let these shrimps overflow your inventory because you do not get much old school runescape gold from them. Then your fishing level get up to 35. Now you fish to the harpoon tuna at Karamja. The best place to buy the harpoon is at the fishing shop in Port Sarim. Then you can sell them for 30gp Old School RuneScape gold. The tuna is much costly for 40gp at the general shop. But the price goes down depending on how much tuna is in the shop. Once you have much higher fishing level than 35, you can start to fish lobsters and sell them for 50gp old school runescape gold per lobby. So are you happy to hear that? Just take action immediately and get your loving old school runescape gold.

If you have a very very high fishing level, you can fish some salmon. This kind of salmon is more worthy than others. If you are lucky enough,you can fish a lot of them. These salmon can sell for a good price and bring you a very big profit with old school runescape gold.

Another amazing task will offer you a wonderful gaming journey. So follow with me. In AL-Kharid, there is a chancellor hassen inside the palace, and he often ask you to see his assistant Osman, as he is in a tough situation. Osman will tell you about how the SL-Kharid’s archenemy, lady Keli has kidnapped the prince Ali. He also state that there is a spy who is his daughter in Draynor Village. This girl will help you further. Before continuing, you need collect the following long list of items: two onions, ashes, two waters, red berries, flour and many other items. You can buy those weapons or items with old school runescape gold.


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