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You just rest assured enough

At the end of mission, you have go 20 of wool. Then you need to climb the second floor back to the Lumbridge buy runescape 2007 gold  castle in a room where there was a textile machines. Then you operate this machine. You will get 2.5 crafting experience finally. Now you go back to visit Fred, and give him your getting 20 of wool. This task will help you some experience but not some amount of 2007 runescape gold.

Then you now begin to do the witch’s potion task. It is also conversation at beginning. You should find a house to Rimmington and Hetty conversation. This Hetty will tell you to look for four items which namely are onion, burnt meat, rat’s tail and eye of newt. So do you know now what you should do? You have to find the onion nearby in Rimmington on the side of those in the mining. Then you take a raw meat from cattle, mice or bears, then you roast the meat. This will not wast you any 2007 runescape gold at all when doing this job.

Then you cook the burned meat. It is also not difficult for you to do that. then for the rat’s tail, you can kill a small mouse. Please note that this is a small rodents not the large one. In Rimmington, the rats are just nearby the shops which sell bows. Then you kill one of them but not on scrapping it. So these raw items need not your buying them with your 2007 runescape gold. You just rest assured enough. Finally the eye of newt can be got in port Sarim. Lastly, you go back to Rimmington and have a conversation with Hetty. She will tell you to drink at her confused syrup, tap, drink, and complete the task. So is it easy enough for you to do that? You will get more and more things as your doing duty.


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