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In time for the start of the new ID Blizzard has placed new hotfixes on the server.So you can now already at level 88, the normal version of the Gate of the Setting Sun and enter some problems in different classes have been resolved.

The treants of the ‘force of nature’ of the Druids should not trigger more that their goals turn in their direction. Furthermore, the championship of Retribution Paladins should now cause the correct value of additional Holy damage and cast time of Smite the priest should now also of ‘stalling for time’ is reduced.

For the hunters in World of warcraft, the reduced duration of ‘Spinning’ the fox companion to 10 seconds, in order to align the capabilities of other companion families.Last two changes to ‘matter exchange’ with the Dark Animus were made in the throne of thunder. Thus a player can no longer be shared by several golems with the same debuff and the revival of the monk is no longer remove the debuff cheapest rs gold.

In addition to the Sha-touched base again be used in the upcoming patch. Maybe it will be again to capture Sha-touched weapons in the raid. You can still buy wow gold whatever wow updated to patch 5.4 or high patchs.


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