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Behind the Scenes – August 2013

This August, as the Battle of Lumbridge rages, Jagex said that they’ve got a god-sized helping of content coming to RuneScape, including the all-new Divination skill, a knightly 6th Age quest featuring Sir Owen, and a huge update to the Members’ Loyalty Programme!

Divination- Their first new skill in three years – is coming to you this month cheap runescape gold!

Guthix’s death unleashed divine energy throughout Gielinor, and the ensuing turmoil has also damaged the planet, causing the life force of the Anima Mundi to bleed out into the world. Orla Fairweather and her pioneering team of researchers are investigating these strange phenomena to determine what they mean for the world – and how they can be harnessed by its inhabitants.

As you train in this new art, you’ll gather divine energy – a valuable new resource – from wisps: residual life energy made manifest by remnants of Guthix’s power. These wisps have gathered into colonies around the world, the first of which you’ll encounter right by the Lumbridge crater. Along with the energy you’ll gather from them, you’ll also find fragments of Guthix’s memories that can be returned to the Anima Mundi for extra XP gain.

Much more than just a gathering skill, there’s plenty you’ll be able to do with Divination beside level and build up resources. Using the energy you gather from the wisps, you’ll be able to make pocket-slot items called signs that activate automatically under certain conditions, granting you benefits – protecting you from killing blows, for example, or keeping additional items on death. There’ll also be inventory-held items called portents that are also used under certain conditions – healing you when you fall below a certain percentage health, for instance.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Divination is that it’ll be a huge complement to your other gathering skills. I can’t reveal too much just yet, but those well versed in the skill will have unprecedented access to gathering locations and high-end materials, and extra help with the logistics of gathering resources. I’ll be revealing more in an upcoming BTS video, so keep an eye out for that!

Divination will be a direct companion to the new skill coming next year, so get ahead of the game early! The skill will come with a daisy-fresh hiscore table, so I’m hoping to see some healthy competition on the way to the Divination skillcape. Speaking of which, if you haven’t yet voted on new skillcape’s colour scheme you can do so in our poll.

If you’re a free player, don’t forget that – as with all members’ skills – the first five levels of Divination will be available for you to try out. Be sure to give it a go!

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