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As same as buy rs 07 gold on rsgoldall, there are already a series of updates in recent months, and now a new big update will come to us soon, it’s about goblins and Doric. What’s been going on with the goblins and why they are carrying out flash mobs around Gielinor? And what’s been happening with Doric? All these questions will be clear to us this week.

The new update for players, good or bad?

Goblins are generally weak monsters who are popular for combat training at low combat levels, they are especially useful for melee training. For this new update, I think the graphics team has done a great job. The new Goblin Village looks a little too civilized for them. And you may want to try the flash mob event thing too. Doric is an old friend to all RS players, he plays a central part in Doric’s Queen, which revolves around players obtaining several ores for him. Players will be able to look at something graphically joyful and before that quest was very short and all you had to do was hand in items get easy quest point now.With this update, I think you would get to know a little more Doric which I see as a good thing. But the problem is that will there be anything worth while for high-level players or at least give them a chance for more challenge during the low level quests for better rewards? Hope there will be more good updates and more interesting stories for the game.

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