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Can be used to prepare some offensive magic

Difficulty: Hard Time: Long

Starting point: Champion’s guild (varrock Nanda outside the southwest side)

Skills required: 33 task points, 34 smithing (recommended unnecessary) .33 magic (or 10000gp), enough to kill buy runescape 2007 gold  a lvl90 fire-breathing dragon and a lv100 lesser demon (updated in accordance with 2012.12 calculated on the basis of new cb),

Item Requirements: 3 planks plank (about lv20 wild, death Manor), 90 nails (smelting obtain), or in the wild runis (West) smelting found at once 4

bowl (unfired) did not burn the bowl (the soft clay (clay + jar of water) used in the Potter’s wheel (barbarian village, out of the varrock Simon straight)), cheap runescape gold. wizard’s mind bomb (falador bar), lobster pot (port sarim) , silk (you can buy)

Enemy: wormbrain (in port sarim prison), giant rat giant rats, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, lesser demon smaller demons, fire-breathing dragon dragon (lv 90)

First, in the champion’s guild with guild master asked about rune platebody thing.

Then Edgeville no tags found near a small bunk house,runescape 2007 gold with Oziach conversation.

Back to the champion’s guild, asking guild master three maps thing (that is desperately speech, asked all the questions) he will give you a maze key (Maze key).

Map Fragment 1:

Can be used to prepare some offensive magic


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