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Castle for Runescape Gamers

Minimum requirements: can defeat the black knight (46 stage [RS1]) and about ten more Pursuit factor “search point”.

Difficulty: the go can defeat children of men is very simple.

Start: in Falador within, go to the third ground and white-colored knight adventure Sir Amik Varze discussion, he says children of men programs to use a type of secret tool to eliminate the white-colored RS Gold knight, he want you to discover out what it is and eliminate those weaponry.

Required items: Clothes “Cabbage”, (in Falador town surface can be gathered to) Brozne helemt and Metal bhainbody (in Varrock town can buy).

The black knight agreement, put on Brozne helemt and Metal bhainbody, hidden as security officers from the southern checkpoint into the adventure, joined the space after the gates on the walls there is a “odd looking wall”, media through there after, up the stairways to the second ground, then up the stairways to RuneScape Silver, to three of the stairways from the second ground, stroll into the right space on the third ground from the stairways, again to three immediate from the right under the stairways of the second ground, came to before the altar.

From the remaining to the entrance and come out the first ground, and go all the way to see the area Bbq grill “grid”, and then in the Bbq grill “grid” eavesdropping, they will say they cards to know a concoction, consume will be harmed of rs gold, need a Draynor way in the Clothes “Cabbage” to finish, if use other typical Clothes “Cabbage”, to eliminate the products buy rs gold.

Listen to go returning to the first ground came in the entrance, and then into the cafe, the security officers will say you should not go in, you pressured in, in black knight will strike you, easily ran to the top of the stairways to ascend to the second ground, go in, begin the walls fly into the space with an opening, and then use cabbage with opening the cabbage “cabbage” into the opening to eliminate then water. (don’t unintentionally put “cabbage” eat cabbage. Objective achieved.


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