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Changes the chances of successful attacks

We made sure that the levels of combat-related skills you bring more substantial benefits regarding your chances of reaching your enemies. At each new level Attack, Ranged or Magic you reach, you now receive a bonus of accuracy in matching style combat. The accuracy of your attacks so will increase as you progress until level 99. The jurisdiction of Defense also will bring benefits rs2gold : each new level of defense reached you and enjoy increased efficiency of armor.

Simply put, with higher levels, you will enjoy a better precision attack before. You should also notice a visible difference from one level to another.

This update means that potions to increase your combat levels will enjoy a second youth. In fact, due to the greater impact levels on the chances of successful attacks, these potions will be much more effective than before. We also changed the way prayers to improve the accuracy of attacks. They now use a similar mechanical and confer a bonus equivalent to a bonus level in the jurisdiction of appropriate action.

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