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Cook’s assistant

Quests are the consisting of RuneScape. Without the quests, players can’t improve their accounts levels and they also can’t get some special bonuses. This time, we will talk about the cook’s assistant. This is not a very hard quest but it also obstructs some new players. The start point of this quest is in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle. Just talk with the cook in the chicken. For the conversation, players can get some information of this quest. The cook will tell you that you need a pot and a bucket. Speaking to the combat level, there is no limitation and players can just need to watch out for the local goblins. The bonuses of finishing it are rather wonderful, if players are complete this quest, they can get 1 quest point, 300 cooking XP, 500 coins, 20 sardines and access to the cook’s range. That sounds lovely and attractive. So why not just join the quest and let’s get start.

Let’s see what the cook told you. When you have conversation with him, he will tell you that some ingredients of the cake are missing. He is ready to baking for Duke Horacio so there is no time for him to waste but he needs your help. Just tell him that you will do whatever he wants. You may need to take back with some milk, flour and egg. Those materials are not common in the game. For the milk, it needs the top-quality one which is coming from the Prized Dairy Cow. So I will introduce them in details rs2gold.

First let’s go to find the cow pen in the northeast of this city. Players need to pass through the river by using a bridge. Just keep on walking until you find the pen. The Prized Dairy Cow is very special and just tries your best to find it out in the pen. Remember to use the bucket to fill up with the milk. Then it is time for the sure large egg. In the game, there are two places to have them. In the west of the cow pen, there is farm which has such chicken. So after get the milk, just go and have it. There is another place in the Fred. You can just check your mini-map to find it. The last one is the Extra Fine Flour which is more complicated. First you need to collect some wheat, and then just make that wheat into flour. The progress of making flour must at a windmill. It is complicated and just go with the clues which are supported in the game. You will lucky to find that the whole thing is very interesting because you need to learn how to find the place and how to finish the quest. Maybe this is the benefit of doing quest.


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