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Frank is the twin brother of the young to Ronald

Ajax is the most popular and successful club in Europe and one defender frank DE Boer in the 90s, just a lot of people to old school rs gold come forward players on their roster. He began his career in the Dutch capital in 1988, spent 11 seasons there. During that time, the club has won five league titles, two Dutch cup and the uefa cup, in 1992, the European champions league in 1995.

In addition, DE Boer career makes him to Spain from 1998 to 1998, where he and Barcelona played five seasons, won a league title in 1999. Then he and galatasaray in Turkey a season following year beat rangers in Scotland. Then, he spent two seasons in Qatar after the play, his career in 2006. Second DE Boer success around the world. He enjoyed a successful international career, the Dutch made 112 appearances in his career. He is the team in 1994 and 1998 FIFA World Cup and in 1992, 2000 and 2004, part of the European championships.

After retiring as a player, DE Boer presided over ajax in 2010, since then, he has a successful club, with a third consecutive league title. He has served as an assistant of the Dutch national team in 2010 World Cup second place in the country. Frank is the twin brother of the young to Ronald. Two spent his career large pieces of playing in the same field, including the season at ajax, Barcelona, homeless and the Dutch national team.

Career highlights

5 the eredivisie champions of ajax

1 the Spanish champions Barcelona

Once the uefa cup ajax (1991-92),

1 the European champions league, ajax (1994-95)

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