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How to Obtain Gladiator Skill Spirits Within FFXIV ARR

If you are stuck with level 44 quest Lady of the Vortex, you can try level 44 Dungeon Dzemael Darkhold to  ff14 gold obtain items and experience. Then head back to UI Dah to Jenlns. He would teach you the skill Sprits within with three great items rewards as well.

Spirits Within: “Delivers an attack with a potency of 300”

Task Reward: Gallant Coronet for your head and Gallant Gauntlets for your hands.

Parley in the Sagolii

1) Kill the level 41 healer first. He would heal himself and others if he is alive.

2) The other three adds. They are of level 40. Easy and quick for you.

3) Jenlyn as the last boss. Avoid the red lines. If you are of less health, you can kite him or you can heal yourself in the meantime.

With the right order, you would not lose your battle certainly. You can see the video below as well from ffxivingil.com.


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