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How to start the rightful inheritance of dwarf

To accompany the arrival of the quest The 07 rs gold  rightful inheritance dwarves, dwarfs all of the game received a graphical overhaul. The team graphics really outdid and she managed to give each dwarf Gielinor a unique personality, and more robust and stocky appearance they deserve rs gold.

You will also find fabulous music tracks in the new quest, you will benefit from immersion and optimal experience. For your listening pleasure, here is an excerpt:

Tell Veldaban at Palace Keldagrim.


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The king of the dwarves

Level 80 Mining

Level 82 Smithing

85 Strength

You must be able to defeat enemies with a combat level of 120 to 180.

If you have not yet discovered the series of quests buy rs 2007 gold  Red Axe is the perfect time to get to know the people of Keldagrim!


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